1. oh-no-theres-a-negro-in-my-mom:

    Sex is the theory; porn is the practice. do you?

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  2. blackisbetterthenwhite:

    This looks really interesting

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  3. oh-no-theres-a-negro-in-my-mom:

    That’s it. Cry for me, little bitch. I know those are just tears of recognition - recognition that this is your ultimate purpose, and you get to fulfill it now.

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  4. oh-no-theres-a-negro-in-my-mom:

    i can do this for everyone who fucks me….


  5. big-and-black-1:

    Just can’t get over some smiles!

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  7. i-need-bbc-for-fun:

    The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it; so do more sex

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